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Video Series Definitively Proves Wingsuit Wearers Are Insane

So you like your sports served with a big side of NOPE? Then this one’s for you. Two wingsuit wearers strapped on GoPro cameras before taking the plunge from a mountain in France, and unless your heart is literally made of steel, the video is going to make you squirm.

Death-defying daredevils Dario Zanon and Graham Dickinson took the plunge together to capture the flight from multiple angles. In one video, seen above, Zanon records Dickinson as he hurtles through the air at untold speeds, nearly grazing cliffsides and treetops and that little thing called the ground along the way.

If that’s not enough adrenaline for one sitting, you can watch two other views of the perilous plummet. A second video captures the scenes from Dickinson’s front helmet camera as he navigates the highly intricate wingsuit line, while a third from Dickinson’s reverse helmet cam captures an epic behind the scenes shot of Zanon.


Pro tip: maybe sit down while you watch these.


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