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5 Man-Movies To See Over The Holidays

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1 of 5|Bridge Of Spies
2 of 5|Creed
3 of 5|Point Break
4 of 5|Legend
5 of 5|The End Of The Tour

This season in cinema has definitively belonged to one film: Star Wars. The media is still talking about it non-stop. Your Facebook feed is filled with friends excitedly seeing it for the first (or third, or fifth) time. There’s hardly a person on the planet who isn’t eagerly travelling to a galaxy far, far away.

But The Force Awakens isn’t the only film delighting audiences these days. When you’re desperate for an escape from too much quality family time, or need a low-stress activity while you nurse a holiday hangover, try one of these other man-approved movies in theatres now.

Bridge Of Spies

Tom Hanks stars as an attorney faced with two monumental tasks: defend an arrested Soviet spy in court, and help negotiate the release of an American pilot whose U-2 spy plane was downed in enemy territory. In the capable hands of Hanks and director Steven Spielberg, Bridge of Spies is a classic Cold War espionage thriller that has been called “gripping,” “smart,” “nostalgic” and “stately.”


Adonis Johnson’s famous father, world heavy weight champion Apollo Creed, died before he was born, but boxing is in his blood. The young fighter heads to Philadelphia to train with Rocky Balboa, who sees in Adonis the strength and determination he had known in Apollo – the fierce rival who became his closest friend. Critics are calling Creed the best Rocky film in years.

Point Break

Point Break is the pure popcorn movie the holidays need. Inspired by the 1991 cult classic, the remake follows a young FBI agent as he infiltrates a team of extreme sports athletes suspected of masterminding a string of sophisticated corporate heists. Yes, the film is thoroughly ridiculous and hardly Oscar-worthy, but it’s easy watching and the action sequences are genuinely well shot.


Tom Hardy is double trouble as he takes on two roles in Legend. The film is a true tale of the rise and fall of London’s most notorious gangsters, Reggie and Ronnie Kray – one sauve and charming, one dangerously unstable, both portrayed by Hardy. Reviews of Legend as a gangster biopic have been mixed, but all seem to agree that Hardy’s impeccable performance makes it worth a watch.

The End Of The Tour

The End Of The Tour tells the story of a five-day, never-published interview between Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) and acclaimed novelist David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel), which took place right after the 1996 publication of Wallace’s groundbreaking novel Infinite Jest. Those who only know Segel as a comedian will be astounded at the humour and tenderness he exhibits in this role.




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