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Android Pay Is Arriving In Australia Next Year


It seems that the pieces of plastic we call credit cards are on their way out. At some point next year, Australian Android users will be able to use their smartphones to buy groceries or petrol.

Android Pay will let Aussies scan their credit cards and import secure payment details, then use their phone as a digital wallet when making purchases – similar to Visa PayWave and Mastercard PayPass contactless payments. All of your annoying, wallet-thickening loyalty cards will also be stored in Android Pay and can be automatically applied to purchases. If you’re making an Uber or Airbnb payment, Android Pay even acts as a credentials locker for your digital credit card details.

Android Pay will even out the technology race with Apple Pay launching recently in Australia in partnership with America Express, but Android have already named specific retail partners including Coles, 7/11, Crust Pizza and Telstra as well as big banks like ANZ, Macquarie Bank, St George and Westpac.

“Australians are some of the fastest adopters of technology in the world, including in their use of innovative banking solutions. It is wonderful to see wide support from the Australian banks and the industry for Android Pay, meaning you will be able to use you Android smartphone as a way to buy things when you’re out and about,” says Google Australia Managing Director, Maile Carnegie.

[via Gizmodo]

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