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Aston Martin Vulcan Unleashed In A Heart-Stopping Video

Just when you though Porsche’s electric car green light was big news today, Aston Martin have thrown two fingers up at the tree huggers and unleashed a video of their most extreme vehicle ever created – the big bad Vulcan.

Feast your ears to the intoxicating sound of the 7.0-litre V12 as it churns out a massive 800hp to the rear wheels. Tyre smoke: mandatory. It’s a special project even for the British marque as the briefing went something like build what you want without rules. As a result, it falls under no specific racing category and is built purely for speed and exhilaration.

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The chassis is built from aluminium whilst bodywork is entirely carbon fibre to bring the car to a weight of 1,360kg. Following this school of old theme, the Vulcan also lacks any hybrid drivetrain and turbochargers. Those keen better prepare their bank accounts for a serious hit. Only 24 samples will be made with a price tag of over US$2 million.

We’ll settle with the video.


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