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Blaze Is Attaching Lasers To Bikes To Improve Rider Safety

Geeks and hipsters unite. A startup in London has brought together bicycles and Star Wars by integrating lasers into 11,500 of the capital’s rentable bikes.

The bad news? The lasers aren’t designed to maim those of the Dark Forces. Or your enemies. Or any other human being for that matter.

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Instead the technology will be used to improve safety by projecting a bright green laser on the tarmac by five to six metres in front of the rider. This in theory should warn oncoming traffic and other pedestrians that a cyclist is coming around fast during the darker hours.

The company behind the concept called Blaze is already backed by some major parties including British bank Santander and Transport for London, which will see the startup accelerate their product’s potential.

The price of safety doesn’t come cheap though. The Blaze Laserlight retails for £125 (AU$260) which is a fair bit higher than your average cycling LED.

Still, the co-founders of Blaze are rather chuffed, even recruiting F1 driver Jensen Button and pro-golfer Rory McIlroy in their latest tacky yet endearing Star Wars themed ad campaign for the product.



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