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Boomerang-Shaped Singapore Home Has Endless Waterfront Views

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‘Would you prefer an ocean, or garden view?’ It’s an age-old question when booking a room. Pick the ocean view and you’re paying through the nose. Garden? You’ll be waking up to old men pottering around in nothing but budgie smugglers.

Aamer Architects understood, sympathised, and designed this boomerang-shaped house at Jalan Sentosa in Singapore. Built on a long and narrow plot, the house is curved to maximise waterfront views from the bedrooms.

Its interiors are fluid and create an open and continuous space, allowing the stunning waterfront to be clearly visible through glass panels surrounding the ground floor. Connecting indoor to outdoor, a timber deck extends from the house towards a pier.

The top floor is simple, featuring a home office within a pavilion and a rooftop garden. Now where are our plane tickets to Singapore?

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