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Disney Just Created A Creepy Robot Which Can Drive Up Walls

Just imagine the possibilities. A remote controlled car disguised as that possessed girl in The Exorcist driving up your ex’s apartment wall. Believe that.

Bettering the legions of today’s drones which can only take to the skies, Disney Research and ETH Zurich built a prototype robot called ‘VertiGo’ which uses twin rotating propellers to keep it glued to walls as the driver wheels move forward. The result is an astonishing display of control and aeronautical engineering to defy gravity.

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Disney haven’t revealed how close the robot is to production nor what it will be used for, but one suspects it’ll make its way into films where animatronics is required. Alternatively, a practical use for the VertiGo could be for rescue situations.

Either way, if they decide to wrap the robot in anything more than a giant spider then you’re in trouble.


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