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Facebook Piggybacks Uber To Bring Ridesharing To Messenger


Facebook is taking location sharing to another level with the recent news that Messenger can now be used to hail a ride.

Joining forces with ridesharing service Uber, Facebook has announced a partnership that allows Messenger users to call Uber cars without leaving the Facebook-owned app. Facebook is currently still in testing mode but according to Forbes, the feature will soon be available in more countries and will roll out with competing service Lyft in January.

“With this new feature, you can request a ride from a car service without ever needing to download an extra app or leave a conversation. It’s super easy and doesn’t take you away from the plans that you’re making with your friends or family,” says Facebook product manager Seth Rosenberg.

All you need is the latest version of Messenger. Tapping the ‘More’ menu and selecting ‘Transportation’ allows you to call and Uber straight from the app. You can also request a ride by tapping on an address shared in your conversation. Messenger will let users notify friends that they’ve called a ride as well as the ETA.

Facebook’s collaboration with Uber represents the brands effort to build more transaction-based services into their app and works in favour of Uber as they will have access to a potential pool of 700 million monthly active users. The best part? Your first ride of up to $20 will be free.

[via Forbes]

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