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How To Shop The Christmas Sales (Like A Boss)

Christmas is done for another 51 weeks. But shopping certainly isn’t. How can we stop, when all our favourite retailers and luxury brands are slashing their prices in half? Or more.

While shopping the Christmas sales is a stylish gentleman’s right, going about it correctly – sans stress, takes thoughtful planning and consideration. Like a bull, the flashy red a markdown sticker can easily persuade, letting bargain price tags overshadow what we actually want and need.

Constructing a few helpful tips and tricks – for both instore and online, here’s our official guide to finding a bargain that will improve – not degrade – your current fashion collection.

Just don’t wait too long. All the best fashion items tend to get snapped up pretty quickly.

#1 Replenish Basics


Fresh looking – and feeling – basics are a must-have for every stylish gent. So replace tired singlets, old jocks and sad socks for a new start to the year. At a fraction of the cost, luxury underwear brands are a no-brainer stocking up on incredibly crafted undergarments, ensuring you’ve got enough tighty-whities to last until next sale.

And invest in some neutral basic t-shirts too; you can never have enough navy, white, black, and grey marl varieties – sticking to crew or v-neck for wardrobe versatility.

#2 Shop For Staples


In a similar vein to basics, keep an eye out for wardrobe staple pieces. From navy blazers, to khaki chinos to plain sweaters, sale time is perfect for restocking your style canon with everyday pieces. Your favourite Sunspel knit or Incotex chinos may not go on sale due to high demand.

Or maybe you’ve missed out on your size. So search for other, less known brands offering the same aesthetic, fit and quality fabric that you love from your go-to labels. Who knows? You may just find a new fashion favourite.

#3  Invest In Icons


Sale time is the perfect time to invest in iconic men’s fashion pieces: those that have escaped your style eye in the past or need a refresh.

Hefty-price tag items like hand-crafted Derby shoes or an expensive watch are ideal icon purchases – discounted, as well as more casually cool items like a leather perfecto jacket and luxury sneakers in versatile white. You’ll get a lot of wear from these new style recruits, so even if the discount is small, jump on the sale wagon – quick.

#4 Avant-Garde


At the other end of the fashion spectrum, sale time is rife with the avant-garde;  fashion items that are that little bit unique – be it colour, pattern or fit. Shoppers can be put-off by the boldness of specialty pieces, leaving fashion’s adventurers in prime position to grab a statement piece. And they’re often a steal.

But beware. Don’t let the allure of a bargain trick you into purchasing something you honestly won’t wear. You’re better off buying a wearable, full-price piece of clothing than having two or three not-quite-sure sale items sitting stagnant in your closet.

#5 Suit Yourself


Post-party season, suits tend to the last thing our shopping list. But as January rolls around, back-to-work suits and their office accompaniments are often up for heavy reductions in the new year. When buying off-the-rack, you can expect to visit a tailor for jacket nip and trouser tuck post-purchase, attaining that perfect fit. So a discounted Italian two-piece in luxury mohair is far more attainable, using some of the money you’ve saved to get it altered.

Other heavy discounters are leather goods. So snap up a new leather folio and a silk knitted tie to bolster out your accessory collection.

#6 Go For The Collab


When you’ve a penchant for luxury brands or a certain item that rarely goes on sale, look for a collaborative version. A twist on the very thing that everyone is fighting for during sale time, the duos between high-and-low end labels or brands from different markets create cool items that are more likely to go on sale.

This works exceptionally well with sneakers. While Adidas Stan Smiths are unlikely to go on sale, their might not receive a heavy discount, its specialised collaboration with Billionaire Boy’s Club might.

#7 Look To The Future


The future can be broken down into two parts: what is likely to be trending in six months time, and what the weather is doing. Buying off-season pieces – woollen coats in summer or swim shorts and sunglasses in winter – is the most cost-effective sales shopping. And buying ahead will put you in less competition with other bargain hunters.

Predicting key styles for 2016 is another wise move. In our humble opinion, suede bomber jackets, luxury sweats, and relax fit trousers or jeans are set to be huge this year. Colours? Forest green and navy, as well as pastel blue and – yes, light pink. You heard it from us first.

#8 Don’t Miss Out


Finally, to avoid disappointment, why not join the emailing lists send out from your favourite brands or online retailers. That way, you’ll be the first in the know when the sale begins. And you can snap up popular items, before it’s too late.

Don’t wanna be e-spammed? Follow a brand’s Instagram account instead – another carefree way to be alerted to sales. Like!


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