Unique Pad Proves Industrial Interiors Can Be Colourful

There’s a distinct vibe to industrial interiors. Ceilings are high. Living spaces are large and open. Beams are exposed. There’s shiny chrome and stainless steel. Colours are almost always muted.

This 560-square-metre residence, located in Montreal, bucks the trend in favour of blending industrial design with unusual colour and soft details. Les Ensembliers combined three adjoining apartments to create the three-floor pad in a former sugar refinery. The mission was to a create coherent new space with a complex personality.

“We did not want the new space to be the simple combination of three different units. We also wanted to leverage the visual power of the building’s industrial character, while getting away from the loft logic of the original conversion,” said architect Maxime Vandal.

The Montreal home successfully blends industrial character with a warmer, welcoming, and at times eccentric atmosphere. The steel fireplace, high ceilings, generous windows and minimalist kitchen are classic industrial interior design. Elsewhere, warm colours and chic details bring comfort and luxury to the space. Turquoise silk walls, Japanese art and a velvet loveseat make for unexpected, but surprisingly coherent, contrasts.

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