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The iPhone 7 Could Be Getting These Radical Design Changes

We’ve heard a few rumours about the next iPhone already, including the possible disappearance of the headphone jack and the introduction of a sapphire screen. Now a new wave of iPhone 7 rumours from China have set the Apple-loving internet alight.


The latest set of speculations claim that Apple is currently testing five different iPhone 7 models. The prospective changes include:

#1 A farewell to Lightning

The new iPhone could see Apple ditch its signature Lightning Connector in favour of a reversible USB Type-C port. The new MacBook already supports USB Type-C, and many Android smartphones are expected to make the shift in 2016. Could it finally be the year we unify smartphone charging standards?

#2 Hello, wireless charging

At least one of the iPhone 7 prototypes may be sporting wireless charging capabilities. There’s no word on whether the feature will be compatible with existing wireless charging devices or if Apple will create its own, but if history is anything to go by, the latter is more likely.

#3 3D Touch meets Multi-Touch

Apple didn’t invent Multi-Touch when it launched the original iPhone, but it was the first to use it in a mobile device. Now the company could be incorporating gestures like ‘pinch to zoom’ with 3D Touch. A three-finger Force Touch, for instance, could be used to return to the home screen.

#4 Twin cameras

Back in the iPhone 6S days, it was hotly rumoured that Apple would introduce dual rear camera technology. It didn’t happen, allegedly because Apple wanted to develop the tech further, but it could be on its way for the iPhone 7. The perk of two cameras is the potential to offer optical zoom rather than the digital zoom in today’s cameras.

#5 In-display fingerprint recognition

What happens if in-display fingerprint recognition finally comes to fruition? Apple could ditch the home button and drastically reduce the iPhone’s frame, thereby increasing front space while simultaneously creating a more pocketable device.

As always, take these rumours with a grain of salt, but signs do point to a fairly radical redesign for the iPhone 7 in 2016.

[via Forbes]


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