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The Top 5 Hashtags That Shaped 2015

As we’re in the final throws of 2015, what better way to celebrate the year that was than with hashtags.

It wasn’t all about being #blessed and living that #yolo life this year, social media became a platform for change and pop culture hilarity. From the blue and black (or white and gold) dress to the Paris attacks and same-sex marriage, Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook shared in the power of the hashtag.

Here’s what 2015 looked like in hashtags.




Following the deadly terrorist attacks on Paris in November, the world united with the hashtags #ParisAttacks and #PrayForParis. The hashtags brought users together to fight terrorism, show support for the victims and help those affected to safety.



The boy with the clock, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohammed was handcuffed at school and detained for bringing in a homemade clock that his teacher thought was a bomb. The photo of Ahmed handcuffed went viral on Twitter and garnered around 370,000 tweets with the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed to show support and say no to Islamophobia.



This year the U.S. Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal across all 50 states and social media erupted with the hashtag #LoveWins in support of the decision. Even President Obama joined in on Twitter.



The debate to end all debates was #TheDress. Is it #BlueandBlack or #WhiteandGold? Social media went crazy this year when a photo emerged of a dress that proved to be a mind-boggling optical illusion.




Nearly nine months after the death in custody of 25-year-old Baltimore man Freddie Gray, #BlackLivesMatter has made the leap from hashtag to mass political movement.

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