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Nathan Grima Lists The Perks Of Being An AFL Footballer


Apparently transitioning from the ‘AFL bubble’ back into the real world isn’t so easy, according to former North Melbourne defender Nathan Grima.

Grima, who prematurely ended his 86-game career due to a back injury now hosts a regular spot on radio station SEN and recently spoke to FoxSports, to list all the perks that come with being an AFL footballer.

#1 Holidays

Life’s a holiday for an AFL player. To be more specific, footballers get a minimum of 6 weeks holiday each year, including almost 3 over the Christmas period to relax and travel.

AFL footballers also apparently get one day off during the week, which recently caused Grima strife when he needed a haircut.

“I snuck out of work and the bloke cutting my hair was running late and I was sweating up that hard thinking I don’t know if I can run this into the one hour lunch break,” he laughed.

#2 Catering

Grima now has to wake up 15 minutes earlier to make his breakfast. A departure from his AFL days where for years his meals were prepared at the club.

North Melbourne offers their players chef-made breakfast, lunch and meals to take home at the end of the day.

#3 Free Gear

Recently investing in his first gym membership, Grima was once paid to keep fit, wear sponsored apparel and make the most of free supplements.

The average AFL wage is apparently just under $300,000, but the continuous supply of free gear that lands in each players’ lap is apparently endless.

#4 Drink Cards

Forget blowing your paycheck on a boozy night if your part of the AFL squad.

Free entry into swanky nightclubs and a fistful of drink cards is commonplace for these guys.

“You don’t even have to be a superstar. You just get on a rookie list and tell you what you’ll still strut around CQ like a peacock.”

Ah, the finer things in life.

[via FoxSports]




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