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How To Ring In The New Year With Australia’s Best Wine

The following article was sponsored by Penfolds

There are only a few days left of 2015 and if you’ve been particularly lazy in planning your New Years Eve, now is probably a good time to get going to avoid finding yourself parked in front of the telly watching the fireworks, half asleep, come the stroke of midnight. So, we figured what better way to help motivate you, than with your own personal shopping guide, to get your New Years off to an amazing start.   

With over 170 years of experience in the matter, Penfolds will have your wining and dining sorted for New Years Eve with a selection of drops perfect for gift giving, or treating yourself. Here are the best wines to ring in 2016 with:

#1 Penfolds 50 Year Old Rare Tawny – $3,550


They say the way you spend New Years Eve is a reflection of how the rest of your year will pan out. Don’t let it be with a goon sack. For those who want to leave a lasting impression, we recommend Penfolds 50 Year Old Rare Tawny instead.

A symbol of Penfolds heritage and typifying collaboration and shared creative expression, this Rare Tawny is a real New Years Eve treat. For Series 1, Penfolds collaborated with glass artists Nick Mount on a limited release of individually blown and hand crafted bottles, the perfect centrepiece of any party plans.

Among the many individual components captured in this wine is the 1915 vintage, reported to be the foundation of the first Grandfather cask. Deep olive brown in colour, Penfolds 50 Year Old Rare Tawny is vibrant and fresh, complex with vanillin, burnt toffee, dark chocolate and hints of leftover Christmas pud. As for taste, it is silky and luscious with flavours of mocha, chocolate and fruit cake evolving into salted plum and savoury spices, lingering on and on in a perfectly balanced finish. Much like your countdown to 2016.

#2 Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2013 – $40


Planning a low-key affair this New Years Eve? Penfolds Bin 28 Shiraz might be the ripe, robust and well-rounded wine you need to celebrate new beginnings.

First made in 1959, Bin 28 is named after the famous Barossa Valley Kalimna Vineyard purchased by Penfolds in 1945, from which the wine was originally sourced.

Bin 28 is matured for 12 months in seasoned American oak hogsheads and, as a result, produces a classic, dark scent of graphite, flint, char or black jellybean. From the baker, you’ll smell more Christmas pudding and Cointreau-soaked currants and from the chef, roasted meats, jus and pan-scrapings.

Full and expansive, Bin 28 Shiraz possesses a palate of mouth-coating sweet tannins with black olive and chocolate notes, resonating with an abundance of fruits like plum, prune, blackberries and wild blueberries. Bring on 2016 with persistent length and flavour, finishing firm and assertive.

#3 Penfolds 169 Cabernet Sauvignon – $350


New Years Eve party etiquette can be tricky. Bring nothing and you’re mooching off the host all night, bring a plate of food or a case of beer and all you’ll feel is general dissatisfaction when it’s piled high in an already overflowing Esky or amongst other competing party platters. Bring a beautiful wine, though? You’ll be everyone’s favourite guest. We recommend Penfolds Bin 169 Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon.

Created to reflect a contemporary winemaking approach, Bin 169’s style is immediately Penfolds whilst simultaneously illustrating an ongoing search for diversity and style separation. It’s an honest reflection of the region and a testament of Penfolds longstanding commitment to the vineyards of Coonawarra.

With a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude, Bin 169 is bright with an immediate nose of semi-dried tomatoes, spicy tomato pulp, conjuring more enriched relish and chutney mixes. A flavour-wheel whirls past when tasting Bin 169. Spearmint, chocolate, Milo powder, malt and black liquorice will taste incredible in 2016 or beyond, for those who want to savour the moment.

Add A Personal Touch

Penfolds doesn’t just offer wine this New Years either. With a range of fortified wines to add a sense of sophistication to any gathering and gift packs across some of the most popular wines, Penfolds will ensure that whatever you bring will be truly unique and you won’t look like you’ve just ducked into the bottle-o on the way to New Years Eve celebrations.


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