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Violinist Nuno Santos Played Jingle Bells Whilst Surfing A 20-Foot Wave

Taking the term ‘silly season’ to another level is something we’ve all tried and failed. Not Nuno Santos.


The professional violinist recently took on a massive wave in Portugal whilst playing Jingle Bells in the name of extreme art; a project which he calls “A violin in the most unlikely place”.


The huge wave the musician carved up stood at a gnarly 20-foot-plus at Nazare’s Praia do Norte surf break. He’s not done yet though. He wants to go after even bigger waves, telling media that he’s been training for a 60-foot-wave by “imagining [being] on the wave playing violin over and over every night before going to sleep.”

‘I’m [planning] it for February 2016, but it really depends on the conditions,” he said.

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The song he’ll play has been chosen but Santos says that he’s still waiting on permission from the British rock band in question to use their song.

In the past Santos has played his violin at the edge of a volcano in Ecuador as well as the Amazon rainforest.

Watch Santos take on a regular wave during the Christmas day event below.

[via ABC & image via Pedro Miranda]



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