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Peek Inside The Frozen Luxury Of This Year’s ICEHOTEL In Sweden

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1 of 12|The ‘Love Capsule’, designed by Luc Voisin & Mathieu Brison
2 of 12|The ‘Eye Suite’, designed by Nicolas Triboulot & Cedric Alizard
3 of 12|‘Show Me What You Got’, designed by Tjåsa Gusfors & David Andrén
4 of 12|‘Live your time’, designed by Jose Carlos Cabello Millan & Javier Alvaro Colomino Matassa
5 of 12|‘Elephant in the Room’, designed by AnnaSofia Mååg
6 of 12|'The Power of Love',
designed by Sebastian Scheller and Kristina Möckel
7 of 12|‘The Flying Buttress’, designed by AnnaKatrin Kraus and Hans Aescht
8 of 12|'Cairn Forest', designed by Matt Chan and Annie Hanauer
9 of 12|‘Fractus’, designed by Anja Kilian & Wolfgang A Lüchow
11 of 12|‘Cesare´s Wake’, designed by Petros Dermatas and Ellie Souti
12 of 12|‘Under the Arctic Skin’, designed by Rob Harding & Timsam Harding

Located near the town of Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland, the frozen ICEHOTEL is built annually from ice and snow procured from a nearby river. This year’s ephemeral structure includes 19 unique art suites carved from 5,000 tonnes of ice – plus a bar, a church and a restaurant with a Michelin-trained chef.

Building begins each year when the river Torne freezes over and takes around three months to complete. The full complex is made up of 55 rooms, but the highlights are the spectacular artist-designed suites. This year’s fantastical creations include Gothic ice pillars, a three-metre-tall ice elephant, and design inspired by a cult horror film.

When spring comes, the arctic accommodations melt into nothing and 48,000 hours of hard work vanish along with them. If you miss out on this year’s offerings, ICEHOTEL recently announced plans to build a permanent hotel alongside its seasonal frozen lodgings.




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