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Qatar Airways & Airbus Are Creating Planes Which Can Eradicate Jet Lag

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Frequent flyers can now breathe a little easier. The days of debilitating jet lag may be over if Airbus and Qatar Airways succeed in launching a new series of carbon fibre aeroplanes which can eradicate the effects of long-haul travel.

Made with over 50% carbon fibre, the lightweight planes will first and foremost feature the highest level of corrosion resistance against the current crop of alluminum-based frames. This will ensure that the A350 XWB models will have an average lifespan of approximately thirty years.

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The interior is where the real magic happens though. Cabin LEDs mimic the sun’s natural behaviour and glow to regulate your circadian rhythms during the flight. This ensures your body knows when it’s time to rest and rise from slumber, leaving you ready to go as soon as you hit the tarmac.

All of this modern engineering and technology doesn’t come cheap though. The development funding is worth US$15 billion and carries with it 2,600 hours of test flights to ensure the new Qatar fleet is the world’s most comfortable and energy efficient.

Qatar Airlines is looking to expand the new planes into its larger fleet and full scale operations in the near future.

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