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Rolls Royce Showcases Astonishing Opulence With ‘Red Diamond’ Ghost

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Rolls Royce have unveiled their latest bespoke addition to their Ghost line up called ‘Red Diamond’.

Why the dramatic name? The special vehicle ordered by a Saudi Arabian features a red velvet exterior paired with the British marque’s signature brushed aluminium hood. But that’s only half of the name satisfied.

Slide inside the luxury steed and  and you’ll be graced with an interior boasting 41 individual diamond stones hand-worked into high visibility areas of the cabin. In theory, that’s 41 potential wives.

The lavish innings are backed with a tan leather interior with two-toned red stitching to conform with the grand colour scheme. With the stock Ghost’s big 6.6-litre V12 pushing out an easy 563hp, engine performance was left untouched.


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