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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #59

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1 of 8|Whitepod Hotel
2 of 8|Whitepod Hotel
3 of 8|Whitepod Hotel
4 of 8|Duel-able Lightsabers
5 of 8|Montblanc Bicycle Pannier Case
6 of 8|Kuberg Freerider Electric Bike
7 of 8|Phone Sensitive Leather Driving Gloves
8 of 8|1967 Toyota 2000GT

Sweating for a last minute Christmas gift? You’re too late. Let it go and try again next year, slacker. These six cool worldly possessions of awesomeness? They’re just for you. Believe it. There ain’t going to be no Father Christmas this year.

#1 Whitepod Hotel

Score your very own Winter wonderland this festive season. Perched high above the Swiss Alps is one of the world’s coolest hotels which has a series of geodesic domes offering breathtaking mountain views. There are three pods available – cozy, family and deluxe. Each one comes standard with amenities, standard to king-size beds and even Apple TVs. For the traditionalists, you get a wood burning stove, an expansive terrace and sauna. When you’re done moping about indoors, head for the hiking trails or ski slopes.
Price: $US700+/Buy

#2 Duel-Able Lightsabers

It’s time to get your Yoda freak on. Fully duel-able lightsabers which not only look the part, but can also take a good beating are now making their way onto the market. Custom manufacturers such as Vader’s Vault, Ultra Sabers, Acme Sabers, Starfall Sabers and Sabers Forever are all offering cool replicas of the iconic weapon so you can take it to the cinemas and relive all your wildest cosplay dreams. Girlfriend not included.
Price: $US339/Buy


#3 Montblanc Bicycle Pannier Case

The stylish folk at Montblanc want to make sure you ride in luxury this new year so they’re offering a made-to-order carry case for cyclists. Crafted in collaboration with Schindelhauer Bikes, the Montblanc Bicycle Pannier Case is perfect for holding your manly possessions on the daily commute. It can fit a compact notebook, documents or gadgets whilst also being switchable between document carry case and backpack. The soft vachetta leather bag is designed to be easily attached and removed from the bicycle’s frame.
Price: $TBC/Buy

#4 Kuberg Freerider Electric Bike

Screw the hoverboard. The Kuber electric bike where the real fun is. Weighing in at less than 36kg, the bike is capable of taking you on the road and off the beaten track for up to an hour at 55km/h. The bike comes fully equipped with off-road tyres, long-stroke suspension and a very cool frame to make sure you look like a total rough nut in the conservative world of electric mobility.
Price: $4,000/Buy

#5 Phone Sensitive Leather Driving Gloves

Fancy yourself as a Ryan Gosling guy from Drive but still require the use of your Instagram thumb? Worry no more. These men’s leather gloves are designed specifically for compliance with all touch screen phones. No fingertips. No cut-outs. No special pads. Just Invisitouch napa leather which allows your phone to work in unison with your fingers. There’s also ‘MagLove’ magnets built in to the wrist section to keep them stuck together when they’re not being used.
Price: $60/Buy

#6 1967 Toyota 2000GT

Another day, another immaculately presented classic. Car in question? The Japanese-built Toyota 2000GT, also known as the only Japanese Bond car and the first ever Japanese supercar. RM Auctions currently have one in their lot which is powered by the original Yamaha in-line six engine with over 150hp and a top speed of 220km/h. This is one well-preserved right-hand-drive example.
Price: $TBC/Buy


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