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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #56

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1 of 6| Hock Design Diskus Dumbbell Set
2 of 6| Exosuit
3 of 6|Razor Crazy Cart XL
4 of 6|Rimowa Topas Copper
5 of 6| Samsung R Series 360 Degree Speakers
6 of 6|1968 Toyota 2000GT

Hold on to your panties boys, this week we’ve got a collection of some of the wildest and most money-grabby cool stuff you can buy on the planet. From an exoskeleton diving suit that will allow you to submerge up to 300 metres to a $600,000 Toyota. It’s happening and she be taking all your money.

#1 Hock Design Diskus Dumbbell Set

Pump iron in absolute class and style with this stunningly designed dumbbell set. Looking like it rolled straight out of Ben Stiller’s Globo Gym, the set includes 6 dumbbells ranging between 10-20kg. For quality’s sake, the steel is 303 non-reactive stainless steel whilst the rack is crafted from sustainably-sourced solid walnut wrapped around a sturdy aluminium frame. There’s also safeglide stainless steel shelves to prevent fingers from getting owned when replacing weights.
Price: $14,700

#2 Exosuit

It looks like something straight out of a Ridley Scott Aliens film but rest assured this is the real deal. Exosuit is the diving suit designed to take humans beyond the norms of civilian sea exploration. Dexteroty and mobility is maintained by the suit’s in-built atmospheric system which maintains pressure as you get deeper. To handle that external pressure, the suit is made out of reinforced alloy with special rotary joints to allow movement. There’s also eight thrusters on the suit to help propel you away from deep sea monsters. The suit is good for a depth of 300 metres and has a claimed 50 hour oxygen supply. Go deep or go home.
Price: $TBA/BUY


#3 Razor Crazy Cart XL

After a year since its release onto the market, the popular Razor Crazy Cart has today received an update in the form of a larger size so that adults can now join in the fun. By fun we mean acting like a hooligan. The cart is designed to drift infinitely around carparks and warehouses for hours of power sliding fun. The Crazy Cart XL can now travel at speeds of up to 27km/h and hold a driver weighing up to 108kg.
Price: $649/BUY

#4 Rimowa Topas Copper

It’s jetsetting season and there’s no better way to do it than with the latest cool colourway from Rimowa’s unbreakable Topas collection. Copper is the bold new colour that joins the lineup of silver, titanium, and stealth black. The luggage comes in four sizes including Cabin, 26″, 29″ and 32″. As standard in all Rimowas, it comes with the brand’s patented Multiwheel System, built-in combination locks and a telescopic handle.
Price: $1,340-$1,560/BUY

#5 Samsung R Series 360 Degree Speakers

Get your parties pumping all season long with the latest innovative sound solution from Samsung. Their latest speaker range produces superb omnidirectional sound via the brand’s Ring Radiator Technology – fancy speak for ‘it sounds damn good in any direction’. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, hi-res audio support, multi-room playback via Wi-Fi and streaming audio ensures that the party will go on well beyond 1999. A bonus? It can be setup to look stunning in just about any designer pad.
Price: From $299/BUY

#6 1968 Toyota 2000GT

This is no shopping trolley Corolla. Made famous by Bond back in ‘You Only Live Twice’, the Toyota 2000GT is an icon the world over and holds the title of being the only Japanese-made Bond vehicle. It’s also highly sought after too, with only 351 built. Today, one of the first models to arrive on American shores will go on auction. Chassis number 100 is a left-hand driver which includes original books and the factory tool roll. The car has been resprayed in period correct Bellatrix Yellow and will no doubt fetch a serious penny when the hammer drops.
Price: From $600,000+/BUY


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