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This 100-Year-Old Spanish Church Is Transformed Into A Skaters Paradise

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Forget about stacking it in a dirty car park, why not treat your board to the glossy ramps of a 100-year-old Spanish church instead.

Originally designed by Austrian architect Manuel de Busto in 1912, the church of Santa Barbara in Llanera Asturias, Spain was once an abandoned space, crumbling from neglect. In an effort to preserve the potential, a collective called the ‘Church Brigade’ (with help from online fundraising and Red Bull) salvaged the landmark and turned it into a public skate park dubbed Kaos Temple.

Kaos Temple isn’t just a church-turned-skating oasis either, it’s a piece of art. Artist Okuda San Miguel has covered nearly every flat interior surface with his unique brand of colourful geometric figures.


Skate that holy kaleidoscope.

[via Colossal]


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