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Star Wars Characters Reimagined As Special Edition Cars

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1 of 8|Alfa Romeo Giulia Stormtrooper Edition
2 of 8|Darth Vader’s BMW Z4
3 of 8|Boba Fett’s Mercedes G-Class
4 of 8|Jar Jar Bink’s Nissan Juke
5 of 8|Wedge Antilles’ Lamborghini A-wing
6 of 8|Han Solo’s Millennium Hellcat
7 of 8|Luke Skywalker’s Mazda MX-5
8 of 8|Darth Maul’s Honda NSX

Fast forward to 2016. Star Wars: The Force Awakens killed it at the box office. Now the characters from the film franchise have heaps of cash burning holes in their spacesuit pockets and they’re looking for ways to blow it.

After drinks at Mos Eisley Cantina, they decide to come to Earth and drop top dollar on some of the coolest cars in the galaxy. What earthly rides would they choose? And what modifications would they make to add their own personal touches? Online car dealership Carwow reimagined eight Star Wars characters as the special edition cars they would drive.

Darth Vader opts for the flashy BMW Z4 Death Star Edition, a sleek black cruiser featuring a built-in cow catcher that mimics his distinctive mouthpiece and a convertible armored roof. Han Solo’s Dodge Charger Millennium Hellcat includes a massive headlight that echoes his ship’s modified sublight engines. Even Jar Jar gets in on the automotive action (unfortunately).


Which of the Star Wars cars would you rive?


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