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‘Star Wars’ Superfan Creates World’s First Real Lightsaber

Some fans express their love for a franchise by buying action figures. Others see the film in theatres 20 times. This guy? This guy took his Star Wars obsession to a whole new level by building a real-life lightsaber.

Allen Pan, known as Sufficiently Advanced on YouTube, isn’t the first to recreate the famous sci-fi weapon. He is, however, the first to build one that actually burns.

The device uses a nichrome ignition as a starter, plus a fuel and propellant mixture of methanol, acetone and butane. Adding boric acid changes the color of the beam from blue to green. And yes, there’s even a feature that makes it produce the lightsaber’s iconic sound.

Watch the video above to see Pan destroy an army of Stormtroopers and give Jar Jar Binks the ending he deserves.



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