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5 Foolproof Looks To Rock This Summer – Part 2

After months of beach body preparation in the gym: carving out knife sharp abs, sculpting the chest and widening those wimpish shoulders and lats, beach holiday season – along with Christmas – is coming. Festivities and presents aside, ’tis the season to flex your fashion muscle too.

After giving you 5 foolproof looks to rock this summer earlier in the month, it’s time for more fashion gains to bulk your next vacay. Just enough to leave a lasting impression on the beach – without looking like a gym or style junkie.

#1 Suitable Shirt


By suitable, we mean something made from linen. Linen is a natural yarn so it’s a perfect summer fabric. Despite its ability to crease, getting a bit crinkly is a casual right of passage for men in the heat on the beach.

Linen’s lightweight properties and breathable airiness will keep you cool both in mood and temperature; with the fit of the shirt slim fit but can be slightly looser, allowing the sleeves to be rolled comfortably – no restriction.

Look to white or pastels to reflect the sun’s rays during the day or a favourite darker neutral to for a dressier vibe into the evening. Then. wear it untucked over tailored board shorts, or teamed with chinos as a smart casual shirt for meal time au terrace.

#2 Breezy Footwear


Depending on your confidence, this part gets tricky. While not all men feel comfortable in sandals (burned by horrid varieties á la Crocs and Reef) a soft black slider or ancient Greek-esque leather brown sandals (never gladiator sandals) can add incredible style and practicality to the summer holiday.

While not as toe-exposing as the sandal, the espadrille is another casual footwear option for men, in textural mesh weave (canvas or leather). Finally, the boat shoe in leather is a night-time option, riding well under cotton trousers and linen shirt – no socks required.

Whatever style you decide, the sandal, espadrille and boat shoe are far cooler than the rubber thong most beach goers will be flopping about on the sand. Shoe-game be strong.

#3 Hot Headgear


Snapbacks are stylish hats for the street or gym. But the beach requires something more (if you catch our tune). In a nod to the sizzling Cuban lifestyle, the Panama is the season’s must-have hat.

Invest in a well-constructed Panama and it will last a life-time: impeccably woven in natural straw with a leather brow band so it rests on your head for the perfect fit.

To keep in summery, stick to light colours (beige, white, chino or tan) and add a ribbon to your bow – selecting a contrast trim like navy or black in grosgrain or satin. Then treat yourself to a Cuban cigar. Why not? You’re on holiday.

#4 Relaxed Blazer


The blazer has stepped out of the stuffy office and onto the beach (well, beach bar) this season. Relaxed means just that: lightweight cotton (or linen) in single-breast cut and double-button closure – sans fuss and no hang-ups.

Then, play around with beach-bright colour: pastels (dark or light) or a bold floral print. Pair it with a basic beach t-shirt too, and chinos or smart shorts are a perfect combination for summer nights.

Don’t hesitate to flash-up the chilled environment. You’re never going to see those gawking people – at the beachside restaurant or outdoor club – again. So splash out.

#5 Summer Tunes


Takeaway home-joys are everything when away from the comfort of your luxury pad. And the atmospheric power of music is achieved – not via a scratchy iPhone speaker – but with a take-it-to-beach portable music speaker.

Great for beach frisbee or for chilling on your deck chair, there’s no real styling involved with this one. So long as you’re well-acquainted with the best bluetooth speaker systems on the market this season. Then, choose your tune. But remember, you’re no David Guetta and blasting electro beats may not win favour with your sandy neighbour. So keep the volume – and song selection – harmoniously tasteful. What do you mean, Biebs?


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