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Surfer Kelly Slater Just Changed The Game With An Artificial Wave

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The Gods of Surf have spoken, and they have deemed Kelly Slater the man worthy of creating the world’s greatest artificial wave.

The LA-based Kelly Slater Wave Company was founded with two goals in mind. One, to bring the joy of surfing to the landlocked masses. Two, to create a space where pros could hone their craft. Both have been achieved, with one very important added bonus: Slater’s wave pool has a barrel.

Others have tried and failed to create the barrel of a natural ocean wave. The shape simply could not be replicated, until Kelly took over and completely killed it. Check out the wave in all its glory in this video, which shows Slater himself dominating the first wave ever ridden at the test facility.

“This is the best manmade wave ever made, for sure,” he says. “No doubt about it.”


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