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Piracy Sites Get Hold Of Major ‘The Hateful Eight’ & ‘The Revenant’ Leak

With all the money that film studios and distributors have been pouring into anti-piracy technology over the years, the most fundamental line of defence still appears to be human – or in this case, human error.


Screeners (advanced film copies) which were sent out to film critics, industry professionals and voters for awards considerations ahead of the films’ official release have backfired. Both Quentin Tarantino‘s hotly anticipated The Hateful Eight and Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Revenant now rest in the hands of pirates, according to copyright intelligence firm, Excipio.

Currently, DiCaprio’s film is seeing the most pirate traffic online with over 739,580 unique IP addresses downloading the film in the past 24 hours.

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The Hateful Eight which stars a cavalcade of Hollywood’s most famous stars drew in 569,153 IP addresses. Both films currently top the the most popular torrents in the past 24 hours.

There’s no remorse from the pirates who have taken responsibility for the leak as well, with Hive-CM8 putting up their hands and posting up the bold comment: “DVDScreener 1 of 40. Will do them all one after each other, started with the hottest title of this year, the rest will follow.”

Both films were slated for release on Christmas Day.

[via Variety]

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