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How To Get Tom Hardy’s Style

Tom Hardy is the epitome of a scrappy Brit gone good. Hailing from London, the quietly spoken father of one wasn’t always the reserved Hollywood cool cat you see today.

After a bout with alcohol and crack cocaine in his twenties, the actor checked into rehab and got his act together before going on to star alongside Josh Hartnett in Black Hawk Down, as Bain in The Dark Knight Rises, and more recently with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant.

His style today can be somewhat of an enigma. With an air of British royalty clashing with his own rugged looks and tatted-up gym junkie demeanour, Hardy has seemingly carved out his own unique style which can go from stylish to purely functional in a matter of hours.

Let’s take a look at what this rugged gentleman can do.

Breaking It Down


Hardy’s style is driven simply by the occasion. He’s your everyday man who dresses like he doesn’t care when there’s nothing going and dials it up to ‘Beckham’ when he has to.

One of his key looks include the classic three-piece which is usually reserved for red carpet duties and consists of darker hues, grey or check.

The after party Hardy for a more down-played bad boy look is one that he pulls off with absolute ease. The look is made even more appealing because he’s Tom Hardy (his lack of expression makes him mysterious and when he does crack a smile, his fans tend to go into meltdown).

In this closet you get unbuttoned dress shirts paired with a tux, cardigans and trench coats with bow ties to play with.

His final look is one which the everyday guy can relate to. T-shirt, jeans, sneakers. And the occasional bomber jacket. It’s simple enough to put together and the only thing we’d criticise here is Hardy’s poor choice of sneakers.

Three Piece King


When it’s time to go all out, Tom Hardy can cut an amazing silhouette amongst the flashing lights and red carpets. His large frame affords him all the presence he needs but it’s his choice of suits which have people talking: strictly three-piece. It’s an oldschool look which oozes British charm and Hardy wears it with pride.

In the colder seasons, Hardy opts for a brighter trench layered over a dark suit. A stylish stroke of genius which breaks up the gloom without breaking the dresscode.

On the actual red carpet, it’s all class with Hardy. A solid three-piece fitted to his body is often teamed with accessories such as tie clips, pocket squares and patterned ties in traditional hues. His latest three-piece look also throws in a gold pocket watch which drives this impeccably British look home.

Do try this one at home. And make sure to give those shoes a polish.

Regal Rocker


When the party’s over, Hardy moves into his natural element of the classy play boy. He ditches the ties and accessories and let’s the statement pieces do the talking. A tweed grey suit paired with British blue cardigan and an unbuttoned white shirt does wonders for anyone looking to have a good time with some restraint.

Equally impressive is his trench number which sits more on the classic side but with a fresh new twist. It’s paired with a bowtie which helps to soften the whole look and makes the man appear more approachable. This is exactly what you’d want when the formalities are over and you’re keen to get to know those around you.

Finally, the unhinged tux. A go-to look for any after party event, the played down tux is one of the easiest and most effective Hardy styles to pull off. It screams gentleman but more importantly it says ‘I’m ready to have some fun’.

Again, make sure the shoes remain polished as you don’t want to move into drunk uncle territory, never unbutton your dress shirt to expose hevage and keep the suit or tux fitted at all times.

Off Duty Marine


At ease, soldier. Remember when Tom Cruise was off duty from Top Gun training and he’d ride his motorcycle around town trolling for older women? This is the Hardy version of that look.

It’s quasi-biker, marine corps and sports star all rolled into one. A simple printed or graphic tee (without branding logos) paired with jeans and sneakers is all there is to it. We can’t stress enough though, tighten up those jeans slightly with a slimmer fit, go for a less dad-style sneaker and the look will be a lot cleaner and make you look taller.

Hardy’s best casual look in our opinion is the clean bomber paired with jeans, shirt and a big masculine looking watch. It’s simple boyish charm merged with cool and confidence for weekend duties. A darker or army green bomber can also work wonders with this look.

Finally, the army guy. Short of walking out of the gym, this is the perfect look to show off your tatts and guns. Slim-fit utility pants, a muscle-fit tee, a cap and cross-shoulder carry bag is all you need to look like you just graduated from SWAT school.

Tom Hardy. We shall call you the versatile Brit. Salute.

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