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Ultimate ‘Star Wars’ Nerd Designs Flags For Over 100 Planets In The Franchise

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Scott Kelly knows a thing or two about being a super fan. The art director from New Zealand is a self-professed Star Wars and flag-design geek, so he spent the last year creating flags for more than 100 planets in the sci-fi series’ galaxy.

Kelly spent more than a year designing the flags using information from Wookieepedia. His eventual goal is to create an emblem for every planet in the Star Wars universe – not only the films, but also comic books, animated series and video games – following the basic rules of flag design called “vexillology”.

Using vexillological traditions (think cantons, chevron patterns and the 2:3 ratio) as well as information on the historical, economic, physical, political and societal attributes of the planets, Kelly has created the ultimate tribute to the Star Wars universe. Check out his extremely thorough work at


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