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What Does It Really Take To Burn Off The Booze?

We all know beer isn’t the healthiest of alcoholic beverages. A big beer belly signifies a life well lived, with plenty of indulgence. But what does it really take to burn off the booze?

The lads at Magners have proven that it takes more than you think. Your favourite bourbon and coke? 1 bottle is equivalent to eating a fried drumstick, and would take 38 minutes of weights to burn off. If you skull 3 bottles, you’re consuming the equivalent of 3 slices of pizza, which would mean 34 minutes of soul-destroying burpees. No thanks.

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What about a humble schooner of beer? Well, it’s equivalent to wolfing down 3 slices of bacon, burnt off by 23 minutes of treading water. 3 beers? You may as well of eaten a huge greasy double burger which would take 20 minutes of stair running. It’s enough to make you want to puke.

Just in time for summer, Magners have come to the rescue with Magners Blonde, a new cider with 85% less pesky carbs, 40% less calories and only 0.01% sugar. The best part? It still tastes great. Crafted using the same 17 varieties of apples grown in the Magners orchards and then blended in their iconic cidery in Ireland, that distinctive summer apple taste is not lost.


Plus, 1 bottle is the caloric equivalent to just a handful of almonds and exercise required to burn it off is just 15 minutes of friendly ping pong. Even if you have 3 bottles of Magners Blonde Cider, it’s the same as consuming a little over 1 tuna and avo sushi roll and would only take you a 1 hour surf to burn off.

Great taste and less of a beer gut? Sounds good to us.



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