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X-Files Drops Massive Behind-The-Scenes Teaser For New Season

Thirteen years after they originally graced screens, Mulder and Scully are returning for a hotly anticipated X-Files reboot. The six-episode series debuts next month, and in preparation Fox has released an extensive behind-the-scenes teaser video.

Show creator Chris Carter and actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson discuss the upcoming series in the 20-minute featurette. Topics include the complicated relationship between Agents Mulder and Scully, new additions to the cast, the Roswell alien crash and more – but of course, it’s all shrouded in classic X-Files mystery.

For superfans, the mini-feature is a must-watch. For causal fans who are curious about the relaunch, it’s also a handy way to get up to speed. Find out if the truth is out there when X-Files kicks off on January 24.


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