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$100 Gold And Champagne Doughnut Is The Peak Of Edible Indulgence

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You’re a week in to your New Year’s resolutions, which means it’s just about time to abandon them. If you’re in New York City, or have plans to be soon, the ideal way to tell your resolutions to go F themselves is this: a gold-covered, champagne-imbued doughnut.

The culinary mind behind this precious treat is Björn DelaCruz, head chef of a new Filipino joint called New York City in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighbourhood. His creation combines a filling of purple yam mousse and champagne jelly with champagne icing (Cristal, no less) and a coating of 24k gold leaf.

Never mind the fact that “golden doughtnut” sounds like a little-known sex act you’d have to look up on Urban Dictionary. If you enjoy the finer things in life, but aren’t immune to the pleasures of baser indulgences, this precious treat is pretty much the ultimate fusion of high and low.

Of course, Cristal and gold don’t come cheap. A single doughnut will set you back US$100, but if you’re already over your 2016 resolutions, this is a great way to give all of them the simultaneous boot. Carbs? Check. Sugar? Check. Alcohol? Check. Financially irresponsible? Double check.

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