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A Floating Hotel That Morphs With The Movements Of The Tide

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Imagine being able to travel the world without leaving your hotel. Italian engineer and architect Gianluca Santosuosso has designed a futuristic floating hotel concept that could do just that.

The project, called MORPHotel, is one part luxury accommodations, one part cruise ship. The innovative structure sits atop the water and has a “spine” that allows it to adapt its shape according to currents and weather conditions. Using solar energy and power from the waves, MORPHotel travels the word from port to port, maintaining self-sufficiency via a variety of eco-friendly technologies.

Thanks to its unique design, MORPHotel can become a floating harbor by creating an artificial bay where boats and ships can take shelter. While docked, citizens from the host city can come aboard to take advantage of MORPHotel’s many services, including a theatre, a commercial area, a linear garden, restaurants and a fitness centre.


Of course, the cost of bringing such an innovative idea to life would be immense, so it’s likely to stay a concept (at least for now). Ever heard of Kickstarter, Gianluca?


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