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Best & Coolest Gadgets Of 2015

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1 of 15|Golfboard
2 of 15|Axis Vidius Drone
3 of 15|Samsung Gear S2
4 of 15|Luna Lantern
5 of 15|Mont Blanc By Marc Newson
6 of 15|Specialized fUCI
7 of 15|Onean Electric Suf Board
8 of 15|Flite Tree Tent
9 of 15|Whitepod Hotel
10 of 15|Tesla Powerwall
11 of 15|Dyson CSYS Task Light
12 of 15|GoPro Hero4
13 of 15|Martin Aircraft Personal Jetpack
14 of 15|Icon A5 Personal Boat Plane
15 of 15|Nerf Rival Blaster

2015 was a year filled with some of the world’s most innovative and exciting objects man can throw money at. From self-powered surfboards to the world’s smallest camera drone to a fully personal jetpack, these were the tech, gadget and general Earthly possessions that got our hearts racing at D’Marge. They also made our wallets feel sad.

Behold, the fifteen hottest items and best gadgets of 2015.

#1 Golfboard

Golfing just got a whole lot more exciting with the latest mode of transport known as the Golfboard. It’s a cross between a golf cart and a skateboard, allowing the rider to get to the next hole at speed whilst reaping the health benefits of standing – don’t complain, you are playing a sport after all. The electric-powered board is also compatible with most golf bags so you can shred the green in style.


#2 Axis Vidius Drone

The Axis Vidius is one of the newest quadcopters on the market but it has one slight advantage – it’s the world’s smallest featuring a live-stream camera which can fit in the palm of your hand. Clocking in at just 1.5 inches square, the drone can record 420p video and stream it directly back to your smart device in real time. In fact it’s so small that users don’t even have to register the drone in some regions that have airspace regulations.

#3 Samsung Gear S2

Samsung’s latest smartwatch has been something to keep an eye on in 2015. It boasts a host of features including a circular 11.4mm case housing a vivid 360×360 touchscreen display. Processing speeds, battery life and memory are also up there with the best smartwatches today whilst an 8GB storage capacity paired with wireless charging makes this one of the most stylish and versatile smartwatches to date.

#4 Luna Lantern

Bring the moon to your home with Luna Lantern, the latest interior lighting kit that will change the way you see the humble lightbulb. The ambient lighting comes in 7 different sizes ranging from 32-inches all the way to a massive 236-inches in diameter. The lights can be powered by either LED or Halogen bulbs with adjustable brightness to achieve the perfect mood lighting. Want one? Get in quick – they’re selling like hot cakes on IndieGoGo and the next shipment isn’t due until May 2016.

#5 Montblanc By Marc Newson

Timeless design has always been the trademark of celebrated designer, Marc Newson. In 2015 Newson graced the Montblanc range of writing tools with his unique set of skills to develop a stunning display of craftsmanship and aesthetics. The Montblanc M Collection is the result, with Newson’s signature design spreading across a Fountain Pen, a Rollerball, a Ballpoint Pen, a ScreenWriter and the new Artfineliner. No doubt one of the finest writing instruments of our time.

#6 Specialized fUCI

What if we told you that today’s road bike wasn’t supposed to look the way it does? Specialized’s Creative Director, Robert Egger, has crafted a bike in his spare time and the result is a concept cheekily named the fUCI (pronounced ‘Eff You See Eye’) – a two middle fingers approach the the powers that be at Union Cycliste Internationale.

#7 Onean Electric Suf Board

No waves where you’re from? No worries. Find your nearest lake or (sanitised) water canal and you’re well on your way to hanging ten. The Onean Electric Jet Board known as Carver requires no waves to get things moving. Simply hop on and let the 4400W dual-core brushless motors do the rest with a handheld control.

#8 Flite Tree Tent

Take your camping to the next level – literally. Filte has released a cool 2016 range of outdoor tents designed to suspend the occupants above the ground to make for a truly unique camping experience. The tent fits two adults and negates the need to sleep on lumpy, hard surfaces which can get cold when it rains. Bears can also eat you. Camping in the woods never looked so good.

#9 Whitepod Hotel

Score your very own Winter wonderland this festive season. Perched high above the Swiss Alps is one of the world’s coolest hotels which has a series of geodesic domes offering breathtaking mountain views. There are three pods available – cozy, family and deluxe. Each one comes standard with amenities, standard to king-size beds and even Apple TVs. For the traditionalists, you get a wood burning stove, an expansive terrace and sauna. When you’re done moping about indoors, head for the hiking trails or ski slopes.


#10 Tesla Powerwall

It’s been raved about for days now and we can’t help but jump on board. An entirely green solution to a common household problem, Tesla are aiming to change the game with their household and industrial batteries called Powerwall. Intended to power the entire home, the advanced lithium-ion battery (similar to those used in Tesla cars) can connect to residential solar systems and old school power grid to store electricity. It’s intuitive too, relying on solar when it’s available and recharging via the grid when the off-peak rates are cheapest.

The compact unit is available in 10kWh and 7kWh variants with easy fitment to walls. Throw in a 10 year warranty and you have a game-changer in the energy race.

#11 Dyson CSYS Task Light

By now you’d know the Dyson name and you’d know that they don’t do things in halves. When they create, its goal is to revolutionise. Product in question today: the humble desk lamp.

Trading up their vacuum cleaners for a day, Dyson have unveiled a LED desk lamp which can last 37 years. Standard LED lamps can only muster about 5- 17 years at the moment. The Dyson lamp also features a versatile 3-axis glide motion feature and continuous dimming built into a clean and futuristic pendulum design. The lamps have been in development for a decade and can now be purchased in two slick colours.

#12 GoPro Hero4

Call yourself an adventure guy? The next evolution of the famous GoPro has arrived with the HERO4 Session. The latest unit claims to be 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the standard GoPro body whilst retaining its waterproof credentials. The sensor inside allows for 1080p video recording at 60fps. Other features include a 2 hour continuous record time and built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for quick file transfers.

#13 Martin Aircraft Personal Jetpack

Dodge the mundane traffic and commute in style with rockets strapped to your backside. The Martin Aircraft Company jet pack has been in the works for a few years now but just recently received the green light to be sold from 2016. It’s intended for emergency evacuation purposes but we have a feeling the rich kids of Instagram will be rocking one of these in no time. The jet pack is powered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine which drives two fans to achieve sustained lift for approximately 30 minutes at 74km/h. Note: Being a fly guy doesn’t come cheap.

#14 Icon A5 Personal Boat Plane

Have wads of cash stowed away in your roof and no idea what to do with it? Buy an Icon A5 boat plane. The craft has been in development almost forever but will finally be delivered to customers in the coming summer. Check out the video to find out what it’s like to fly your own boat.

#15 Nerf Rival Blaster

Unleash the child within through the most badass way possible. The latest release from Nerf looks less like something for your 10 year-old and more like a futuristic training rifle for soldiers. You don’t even have to shoot the thing if you’re worried about kids judging you; simply hang it up on your bachelor pad wall and you’ll have your mates swooning whenever they drop by.


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