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10 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [02.01.16]

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1 of 10|Chris Hemsworth - LINK
2 of 10|Arnold Schwarzenegger - LINK
3 of 10|Maria Sharapova - LINK
4 of 10|David Duchovny - LINK
5 of 10|Jerry Seinfield - LINK
6 of 10|Russell James - LINK
7 of 10|Novak Djokovic - LINK
8 of 10|Ryan Reynolds - LINK
9 of 10|Lucky Blue Smith - LINK
10 of 10|Diplo - LINK

Welcome to our first edition of the world’s coolest celebrity Instagrams you need to see and follow this week.

What’s it all about? Exactly what you think. The world’s most recognisable faces doing the world’s coolest things on social media right now.

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To kick things off, we’ve got Arnold Schwarzenegger teaming up with his old T2 mate Robert Patrick (T-1000) 23 years on, Chris Hemsworth giving what Chirs Hemsworth lovers want to see, tennis star Maria Sharapova cafe hopping in Australia and Victoria’s Secret head photographer Russell James showing the world what really happens behind the scenes.

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David DuchovnyNovak Djokovic, Jerry Seinfield, Ryan Reynolds, Diplo and rising model Lucky Blue Smith also top this week’s list of snooping.


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