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10 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [10.01.16]

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1 of 10|Jimmy Fallon|Bromance at its finest. The proof? Matching pierced ears. Harrison Ford dropped by the Late Show With Jimmy Fallon to talk Star Wars. Check out the rest of Fallon's feed for up to date images on his daily exploits with celebrities and his daughter. - LINK
2 of 10|Russell Brand|Russell Brand is a funny guy. So funny in fact that he decided to make out with a dog on a talk show. It doesn't make sense, but neither does Brand. Follow him for clips of his hilarious misadventures from around the world featuring celebrities from all walks of life. - LINK
3 of 10|Lewis Hamilton|Not only is Hamilton a world reigning Formula One race car driver, he also graces his 2.4 million fans with pictures of his dog Roscoe, alongside his Dan Bilzerian-like lifestyle sans busty women. Follow him if you want to see how the top 1% live. - LINK
4 of 10|Jean Claude Van Damme|Jean Claude Van Damme is a 55-year-old action star who made his name in the '80s and '90s. You'd think he was an action star today given his current shape, but that's exactly why you should follow him. He's an old guy still kicking ass well beyond his expiry date. He also posts his work out progress. - LINK
5 of 10|Elon Musk|Most CEOs don't have time for Instagram. Elon Musk is not most CEOs. The Tesla and Space X founder let's us in on his private world with snaps of his kid, his latest projects and a cooking session with one of the Big Bang guys. Follow him because he's like the cool boss you never had. - LINK
6 of 10|Roger Federer|The king of the court has some powerful friends in high places. Case in point, chilling in Shanghai with Michael Jordan. Follow Federer on his tournament adventures from around the world, both on and off the court. - LINK
7 of 10|Anna Kendrick|The star from Pitch Perfect played bodyguard for a day, looking after such royalty as Snoop Dogg. Follow Kendrick on a journey of awkward selfies and photos of her dog. - LINK
8 of 10|Kelly Slater|World champion surfer Kelly Slater lives life on the waves so it's only fitting to expect some cool images from fun under the sun. Lucky for you he's on Instagram showing us all of his wildest runs and barrel exploits. Exhibit A: a birdie for the camera man whilst waiting for that perfect wave. - LINK
9 of 10|Ken Block|When Ken Block isn't creating smoke with his car, he's flying high over Dubai , attending to his huskies or giving fans a sneak peek at his next wild car project. One for the lovers of extreme sport and loud cars. - LINK
10 of 10|Shaun White|This champion snowboarder also has an artistic streak. With an array of monochromatic portraits, the fluffiest snow adventures and picturesque travel snaps from the wild, Shaun White is one Winter athlete who you need to keep up with. - LINK

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In this week’s edition, find out what talk show king Jimmy Fallon has been up to, who Russell Brand has been kissing, which old school action star has not let himself go, Roger Federer chilling with Jordan, Lewis Hamilton chilling with Borat and heaps more.

Stop stalking your ex on Instagram – replace the loneliness with FOMO instead.

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