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10 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [30.01.16]

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1 of 10|David Beckham|David Beckham was off saving the world again and making millions of children happy for UNICEF. Why should you follow the most recognised man in football? He's simply an inspiring guy who loves to show off his adventures, humanitarian efforts and sporting exploits. - LINK
2 of 10|Dolph Lundgren|You know this guy. Old school action hero turned old man action hero. He's starred alongside Stallone, Van Damme the late Brandon Lee and more. Keep up with Dolph's life on Instagram if you need motivation on how a 58-year-old should look. - LINK
3 of 10|Vin Diesel|You can't be the lead of the Fast & Furious franchise without pumping iron and there's a lot of that on Vin Diesel's Instagram feed. Alongside his extreme sport exploits naturally. 16M followers can't be wrong. - LINK
4 of 10|Mark Zuckerberg|The man who created Facebook also has a sense of humour when he's not posting images of the family or the family pet - a mop. Follow Mark for Dad goals. - LINK
5 of 10|Cristiano Ronaldo|The playboy of the football world plays hard and plays well. You'll often find Ronaldo sporting pics with his boys, in the latest threads or just kicking back in the most luxurious way possible (with a Ferrari). He's like the gentlemen's Dan Bilzerian. - LINK
6 of 10|Justin Bieber |What can we say. His Instagram feed is easy to digest pop and fuels endless fodder into the global rumour mill. Follow this child star turned man-child if you want to keep up with what's juicy in juicy land. - LINK
7 of 10|Sam Smith|Sam Smith isn't always the brooding singer he makes out to be. Exhibit A: giant cocktail makes for one happy Sam. Follow Sam for his beautiful art posts and perfectly curated food photos. He also selfies occasionally. - LINK
8 of 10|Pharrell Williams |Mr. Lucky himself sure has an interesting life. Then again his name is Pharrell. Keep up with Pharrell's globetrotting in the coolest threads as he mingles with renowned celebrities. Selfies with Justin Timberlake. Enough said. - LINK
9 of 10|Andy Murray|The British tennis star and world number 2 player isn't as angry as when he's on court. In fact, he smiles with his fellow players and poses alongside giants too. Follow Murray to see his brutal training prep as well as many photos of his dog. - LINK
10 of 10|Samuel L Jackson|He's been in a tonne of films and he's a bit of an Instagram junkie. Welcome to the life of Samuel L. Jackson. The serial Tarantino star takes his followers on round the world trips with him as he takes cropped out Dad selfies. He's still pretty badass though if you read his captions which include handles like #motherfukkashouldabeenhadastar - LINK

Weekends are best spent in your swanky loungewear with a glass of whisky OJ and the funniest fodder this side of the world. Don’t mind if we do.

In today’s edition of cool celebrity Instagrams, we’re chilling with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg caught in a time warp, David Beckham doing what Beckham does best, Justin Bieber being…Justin Bieber and Andy Murray hanging with the legends.

And always remember the cool celebrity Instagrams mantra: stop stalking your ex on Instagram – replace the loneliness with FOMO instead.


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