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Cricket Star Chris Gayle Hits On Reporter During A Live Interview

West Indian cricket star Chris Gayle ruffled a few feathers last night when he made advances on Channel Ten’s sports reporter Mel McLaughlin during a live interview.

Playing for the Melbourne Renegades in Hobart, the post-innings interview started professionally enough with McLaughlin asking about Gayle’s stellar performance in the match.

Gayle’s response was one which quickly steered away from cricket, saying that the only reason he was here was to interview her – to “see her eyes for the first time”. McLaughlin, who was notably uncomfortable tried to stay composed whilst comprehending the embarrassing situation.

Gayle was relentless though, adding that they could go for a drink after the match before rounding out the gaff with the comment: “Don’t blush, baby.”

McLaughlin’s rapid fire response? “I’m not blushing.”

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Twitter and the P.C police naturally went into meltdown afterwards, with Channel Ten’s Sports Twitter account posting about Gayle’s “smooth” move before deleting the comment.

Gayle himself was unapologetic to detractors of his actions, simply retweeting Piers Morgan:

Chief of Big Bash League Anthony Everard said that Gayle’s comments were “disrespectful and simply inappropriate”.

“We’ll certainly be talking to him and the Renegades about it. This league is all about its appeal to kids, families and females.”

[via SMH]

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