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Cyclist Breaks ‘Unbreakable’ World Record For Most Miles Ridden In One Year

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Ever done a spin class? Remember how gruelling it was? Now imagine being on your bike for 12 hours. And now imagine doing that every day for an entire year.

That’s exactly what American cyclist Kurt Searvogel did, and in the process he smashed a world record that many thought was unbreakable.

Since 1939, the record for most mileage ridden in one year had been held by Tommy Godwin, an Englishman who rode his bicycle 120,805 kilometres (75,065 miles) over the course of a single year. That’s a cumulative distance equal to three times the circumference of Earth. For three quarters of a century, Godwin’s record was untouchable.


Then came 2015, and a 52-year-old software developer/cyclist from Sheridan, Arkansas. Searvogel began his record attempt on January 10 of 2015. Just under a year later, on January 4 of 2016, he has crossed the finish line with 121,135 kilometres (75,270 miles) and several days to spare.

But unlike his predecessor, Searvogel may not get to enjoy his victory for the next 76 years. Two other super cyclists, Steve Abraham and Bruce Berkeley, have already set out to break the new ‘unbreakable’ record.


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