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Discover The Hong Kong Speakeasy Hidden Behind An Umbrella Shop

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Some of the best secrets are hidden in plain sight. Walk down Ice House Street in Hong Kong and it’s easy to miss this creatively concealed gem: Foxglove, the speakeasy camouflaged within an umbrella shop.

Although the shop is beautiful and meticulously outfitted with elegant wares, most visitors are looking for one umbrella in particular. The carved silver handle of that brolly opens the door to Foxglove’s covert inner sanctum, a 1950s-style watering hole inspired by the globe-trotting adventures of an English gentleman.

Each of Foxglove’s spaces is designed to recall a mode of travel. The dining room is reminiscent of a retro first class airplane cabin, while the hallways take on the atmosphere of a luxury cruise liner. The VIP room, accented with umbrellas and vintage automobile headlights, feels like an extravagant train car from a time gone by.


And the secrets don’t stop there. Another hidden entrance can be accessed only by guests who know to place their hand on a floral painting at the end of a corridor until it glows. Doing so alerts the bartender within to open the door to the inner-inner sanctum, a classic library stuffed with books and leather club chairs.

Polish up your Don Draper impression and book your tickets to HKG. This speakeasy is worth a special stop.

Photography by Dennis Lo.


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