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Ride With A Two-Time Formula Drift Champ In 360-Degree Video

Think you know how to drive because you played Need for Speed a few times? Think again. Two-time Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg is a real pro, and thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can ride along with him.

Gizmodo took a 360-degree camera to a drift event and mounted it to the top of Forsberg’s car. The resulting video offers an on-board experience that absolutely smashes The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

As you’re watching the video, click and drag to view different angles of the action. Marvel as Forsberg drifts in tandem with the two cars in front of him. Quiver at those sweet, sweet engine sounds. Discover a new appreciation for the art of drifting. And, if you want to see what the same lap looks like from inside the car, head over to Jalopnik for a more traditional GoPro video of Forsberg in action.



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