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Elegant Urban Loft Embraces Texture & Industrial Aesthetics

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As urban spaces become increasingly congested, homeowners are opting to adapt old structures rather than invest in new developments. The result is a wave of modern apartments that give industrial buildings a new lease on life.

This handsome urban loft in Kansas City is right on trend. It embraces exposed brick, naked duct pipes and open plan living, transforming them into a unique, elegant and modern home. Contemporary sensibilities and industrial aesthetics blend seamlessly. Area rugs and thoughtfully arranged furniture delineate individual spaces, while a coherent sense of style – modern, masculine – ties it all together.

A standout feature of the loft is its use of diverse textures. An array of fabrics and materials give the apartment its distinctive style. The grit of the brick walls and bold metal pendant lamps contrasts with leather chairs, dark wood and an animal hide rug. Other focal points are the eclectic accessories, which range from bright yellow throw pillows to a quirky wall map.


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