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Qatar’s First Supercar Is A Glorious Golden Mess

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A lot of words come to mind when looking at this car – angular, exotic, avant-garde – but perhaps none more so than “clusterfuck.”

The crazy concept comes courtesy of a group known as Elibreia, who unleashed the beast at the 2016 Qatar Motor Show. This is Qatar’s first-ever supercar and if it’s an accurate indication of what’s to come, maybe it should also be the last. Specs-wise, the car reportedly has a GM V6 making 535HP and a carbon fibre body for a total weight of 2,200 pounds. It should be fast, but only if you can get over the packaging first.

The Internet has unanimously declared the collision of folds and flaps and spoilers and angles to be painfully hard to look at – like a Transformer gone wrong, or a reject from Mad Max, or a student’s overly ambitious idea of what a supercar should look like.


Oh wait, that’s exactly what it is. The car is the result of a design project by a student at the University of Texas A&M’s campus in Qatar, which no doubt explains the eruption of odd aesthetic choices. What’s more inexplicable is this: Elibreia already has a second design in the works.

  • cutting EDGE carbon

    Were not to sure what to make of this, it looks like a Citroen crossed with a Lamborghini.

    It’s sad to way we’re not too keen on this one.

  • RicardoCarrera

    This is uglier than ugliness. I just wish that part of my memory gets erased. Why did i click this link!! 🙁


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