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Fly Like A Billionaire In Private Jet Inspired By Luxury Yachts

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Etihad is killing it in the luxury commercial flight space with The Residence, but if commercial isn’t your jam, you need this: the world’s most luxurious private jet.

The aptly named Skyacht One takes the perks of private aviation and adds in the extravagance of a superyacht. The concept design starts with an Embrarer Lineage 1000E private jet, which comes standard with 10,000 cubic feet of cabin space and a range of 4,500 nautical miles.

Instead of uncomfortable coach seats, the main cabin features a sofa, a cocktail bar and a television for your entertainment needs. Beyond that you’ll find the master suite with a bed, bathroom and shower. There’s also a four-seat conference room in case you need to conduct business amongst the clouds.


The Skyacht One’s interior was inspired by a custom yacht built in 1939, which means plenty of nautical details. The ‘planked and pegged’ wood in the entry way is reminiscent of the wood on a ship. The carpeting in the master bedroom is inspired by 14th-century star maps. The sink faucet in the bathroom is shaped to look like a ship’s throttle. There’s mahogany, leather and brass as far as the eye can see.

Naturally, flying like a billionaire requires a billionaire’s budget. Owning a plane this baller will set you back AU$83 million.


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