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Get Behind The Wheel Of The Upcoming Koenigsegg Regera

Christian von Koenigsegg’s newest creation – the Regera – is still in development, but he’s giving impatient petrolheads a peek at life in the driver’s seat. In the video above, he takes the hybrid supercar out for a late night spin.

The Koenigsegg Regera is unlike anything else currently on the market. The car incorporates Koenigsegg’s new Direct Drive system, which ditches the multi-gear transmission in favour of connecting the engine with the wheels via a single-speed reduction gear and hydraulic coupling system.

With only one gear, the Regera’s wheels spin in proportion to engine revs. In turn, the number of revs limit the top speed. For the Regera that’s 248 mph (400 kph) at 8,250 rpm, but since the video is filmed on public roads, the supercar sadly doesn’t get the opportunity to flex its muscles to the fullest extent.

Koenigsegg plans to build only 80 Regeras in total, a number that seems small until you consider that the company has only built around 130 cars ever. Production is due to start in late 2016.



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