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Get Rid Of Your Old Clothes This Weekend With Uber & Red Cross


New year, new season, new wardrobe. But, what’s your plan for last season’s jogger jeans and miscellaneous normcore castoffs? Garbage bag in the corner of your laundry? Perhaps a job for your mum? Why not take matters into your own hands this weekend and make donating your old clothes easy with Uber and Red Cross.

This Sunday, Uber is partnering with the Red Cross for the Australian Red Cross Clothing Drive, which means that between 11am and 4pm (local times), you can request a car to collect your unwanted clothing to be taken to the Red Cross. Completely FREE of charge.

The promo will be available in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne/Geelong, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. All you have to do is bag up your duds, open the Uber app and slide across to the ‘Clothing Drive’ option in the app, hit ‘Request’ and a van or car will arrive to collect your items and drop them off a local Red Cross shop.

Clear clutter, regift your unwanted Chrissy presents and help make a difference.


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