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Gorilla Glass Will Be Used In The New Ford GT

Gorilla Glass, the sturdy glass made famous from iPhone screens will be found somewhere special come 2017.

The wild and hotly anticipated Ford GT will boast an innovative new hybrid glass that’s both lighter and stronger than conventional materials available today.

You might say, “well, it’s just glass…” but the Ford GT is not “just a car”. It’s a hypercar from the Blue Oval and a hypercar deserves only the most exotic of materials to aid in its quest for speed.

According to Autoblog, the Ford GT’s tough and damage resistant Gorilla Glass will be used on the windshield and engine cover. The plastic adhesive interlay paired with a soda lime glass outer layer forms the hybrid component and drops 5.5kg from the original glass laminate. Configuration-wise, it’s also 25-50% thinner than conventional panels, more than 30% lighter whilst retaining the same noise-absorbing properties.

How important is this to Ford? It’s a pretty significant advantage,” said Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s group vice president of global purchasing. “Every single ounce of weight translates into a performance advantage.”

Ford intends to use Gorilla Glass on their other cars in the future.

[via Autoblog]



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