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Heidi Klum Talks Men’s Underwear Rules & How To Buy Lingerie For Your Partner

When you think of the world’s most iconic super models, only a few names creep into mind. Heidi Klum is no doubt one of them.

Klum was recently in Sydney to launch her lingerie collection, Heidi Klum Intimates. D’Marge scored a chance to sit down with the internationally renowned German super model-turned-businesswoman to find out how to buy the perfect lingerie gift for your partner.

D’Marge: Valentine’s Day is almost here. How can a man go about buying lingerie for his partner?

Heidi Klum: My advice would be to go into the girl’s drawers and look at what’s in there. You should already know what’s in there but do check out the size so that when you go in store or online, you know exactly what size she is. You don’t want something too small or big that’ll make her feel uncomfortable.

DM: And colours?

HK: When it comes to colours, I’d go for something different. Because if the same colours are in the drawer, like black or white, it’s good to do something different. I would also have something that you would like to see her in so you get something for yourself too.

DM: We’ll remember that. What’s the number one piece you’d recommend men get as a gift from your collection?

HK: I made my absolute favourite bra in red for Valentine’s Day. It’s called A Corps Perdu and it’s a low plunge bra, so you see a lot of cleavage. It comes with a full brief or a g-string so you can choose whatever she likes.

DM: Do these pieces take long to design?

HK: Some of it takes a long time to design because it’s quite technical. Like how phones have an update and they change. It’s the same in the lingerie world.

DM: Now you work with men’s underwear, HK Man…

HK: It’s a bit tricky because I have no package [laughs].

DM: There’s lots of colours and designs in your men’s range. Do you prefer boxers or briefs?

HK: I think since there’s two options you should be wild and crazy and try both.

DM: And the big no-no in men’s underwear?

HK: A big no-no is if they’re washed too many times, they’re worn inside out, the stitches are coming apart and the little holes showing up. And if the stains don’t wash out, PLEASE get rid of them!

DM: How about leopard underwear print for men?

HK: I don’t mind it! I don’t have one in the line but there are some men who like that so why not?

DM: Tell us about your men’s underwear range and how they’re designed.

HK: There are some that have more support for when you exercise and then there’s some for the lounge around in more. I do have guys that help me with it since I don’t wear men’s underwear. I pick more the waistband colours, how and where the logo is put, the touch of the fabric and the print we’re using. It’s not as time consuming as it is for the women’s underwear.

DM: If you weren’t designing underwear today, what would you be doing?

HK: When I finished my 13th year of schooling, I was going to go to a design school in Düsseldorf. So hopefully I would have been a designer somehow or somewhere. It kind of happened now in the end.

DM: What would be the ultimate Valentine’s Day date for a woman?

HK: For me it would be being in bed all day long. Breakfast in bed, lunch in bed, dinner in bed. And then there’s night time – the whole…lingerie in red.

The Heidi Klum Intimates range is now available online and from David Jones stores



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