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How To Create A Cool Urban Oasis With Indoor Plants

Does your interior feel a little too much like a cell block? Being the hardworking gent we know you are, you absolutely need to be surrounded by space that is both uplifting and inspiring.

Adding the best indoor plants to your interior will introduce not only visual intrigue, but also the constant production of clean, fresh air.

So, here are a few of our very favourite household horticulture options to turn your urban crib into a lush oasis, without much hassle at all.

The Rubber Tree


Need something with a big impact? The Rubber Tree is one of the best indoor plants to provide the perfect dramatic and masculine addition to any man’s home. These full-bodied plants feature waxy leaves and can grow quite large without much attention. They are not actually made of rubber.

Lighting: Medium to bright indirect sunlight
Water: Once a week
Locate it: In your living or dining room

Lady Palms


We promise this lady won’t require as much TLC as that other one in your life. This tall and easy to grow palm has shiny green fonds that can create a playful holiday vibe in your interior. Its angular fonds direct the eye, creating a sense of cheerful energy.

Lighting: Bright indirect sunlight
Water: Once a week
Locate it: In your bathroom, study or anywhere that needs a bit of energy. If there is a smoker in your zone, palms are an especially good choice for removing benzene, a carcinogen as found in death sticks

Peace Lily


Adding a good mix of both masculinity and femininity into your interior, this sophisticated plant occasionally produces crisp white flowers between it’s forgiving rich leaves.

Lighting: Indirect, these can survive with just artificial light
Water: Once a week/conveniently these will drop slightly when they’re thirsty- so keep your eye out!
Locate it: These plants are good for removing mould spores and also acetone (that smelly stuff that takes off your girlfriend’s nail polish) so are great for the bathroom and laundry areas



This should also be dubbed man’s best friend, as the loyal cactus family have a never ending range of shapes and sizes. Give your friends Cactus envy and go for the most unique one you can find. Cactus are also used in Feng Shui for attracting wealth – which is obviously a big bonus in the best indoor plants stakes.

Lighting: Varies on type
Varies on type
Locate It:  We recommend clustering smaller cacti together in the bedroom. Medium sized cactus can be placed on a coffee or side table whereas larger species should be showcased somewhere everyone can admire them

Fiddle Leaf Fig


Ever popular, you have probably seen the Fiddle Leaf Fig grace the pages and living rooms of many magazines and interiors. These are becoming significantly harder to find in large sizes due to their high demand. You will probably have to purchase one in a smaller size, that is unless of course you have a bit of spare cash to blow. Popular for good reason, these plants can tolerate bright spaces and their big veiny leaves are the perfect complement to any large living room.

Lighting: Bright Indirect sunlight
Water: Once a week
Locate it: Living room

Keep It Vased


If you like a bit of variety, you can always head to your local florist (or go neighbourhood trimming at twilight) and pick up some seasonal arrangements. We suggest going for foliage over flowers as they tend to last longer and you can really play with scale. Keep your eye out for the big ear like leaves of the Monstera Plant (as pictured above, left) or the show stopping Black Birds of Paradise flower heads and their large palm leaves (as pictured above, right).

Tip: Regularly trim about 2cm off the bottom of each stalk to keep the plants fresher for longer

Proof In The Potting


Don’t skimp here. Be sure to pot your lively interior additions in some cool pots. Anything bought at the local hardware store should not be granted access. Your best indoor plants deserve only the best. As a start, check out places such as Domus Botanica or The Urban Balcony for some very acceptable potting equipment.


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