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Most Overused New Year’s Resolutions

Think you copped an expensive Uber ride this new year’s eve? Try being on the receiving end of the most expensive Uber bill ever recorded. Staying on the new year’s theme, we’re also diving into the five most commonly uttered new year’s resolutions that you will never meet. Need more? How about the five best dog breeds to help you pull chicks, what happens when you don’t wear a space suit in space and the world’s weirdest hangover cures.

New year, new pointless and awesome facts.

#1 Most Overused New Year’s Resolutions


We bet you’re all gee’d up, planning your next attack for keeping fit and staying relevant on your Instagram feed for 2016. We get it. Resolutions get made and rarely get settled. But did you ever wonder what were the ten most common resolutions to be made by sheep people? Behold the following Nielsen poll.

  1. Stay fit and healthy
  2. Lose weight
  3. Enjoy life to the fullest
  4. Spend less, save more
  5. Get organised
  6. Will not make any resolutions
  7. Learn something new or pickup a new hobby
  8. Travel more
  9. Read more

#2 Most Expensive Uber Rides Ever



Unless you were living under a rock on New Year’s Eve (or were just completely off your face), you’d know that Uber warned of a major price surge due to the high density of people making their way home in major cities. Some complained of a $700 ride home whilst others incurred a $1,300 ride. We’ll go one better.

  1. New York City, 11km, $16,000
  2. Indianapolis, unknown, $2635.97
  3. Edmonton, 60km, $1,114
  4. Sydney, 40km, $720.11
  5. Colorado, 28km, $539

#3 Dog Breeds That Attract Women


If you had no one to kiss on new year’s even then fear not, we’ve got three of the top dogs that are reported to attract the opposite sex from Dogtricktips. Don’t jump the gun though as owning a girlfriend can be a huge responsibility and costly experience.

  1. Border Collie
  2. Husky
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Puggle
  5. French Bulldog

#4 Why You Should Wear A Space Suit In Space


Have you ever wondered why spacemen need protective suits? We have. Besides the lack of atmosphere and oxygen in space, you’d think that holding your breath would suffice for a jolly ten second space walk right? Wrong. Space doesn’t work that way.

Earth’s atmosphere shields us from a host of nasties commonly found in space. It shields us from the Sun’s UV rays and regulates a comfortable atmospheric pressure and temperature for life to thrive on. In space’s vacum you have none of these creature comforts. The most danger comes from the lack of oxygen which causes ebullism, a condition where bubbles form in bodily fluids due to a reduction in ambient pressure. This low pressure vacum of space also causes the boiling point of your bodily fluids to decrease below the body’s normal temperature of 37oC.

This means your body will swell up to twice your body’s normal size, just short of exploding. You won’t explode though because your skin’s stretchy. Your blood circulation at this time will however be impeded and you’ll die a slow painful death. But how about holding your breath? Not a good idea. Due to the lack of pressure in space, holding a pocket of air in your body without a suit will cause it to expand rapidly, rupturing your lungs. In short, you’re screwed either way.

#5 World’s Weirdest Hangover Cures


In need of a pick-me-up on your first day back at work? We’ve got you sorted. Here are three of the world’s weirdest hangover remedies you should try if you have the balls.

  1. Ancient Rome: Often fans of wild bacchanals (drunken parties), the Romans would wake up feeling like a chariot had run over their heads. Their solution? Deep fry a canary and eat it. We guess this holds some truth given our current junkfood-hangover culture. Debate currently rages though on whether to eat the bird whole, skinned or beheaded. Regardless, it’s the crunchy bones which have been credited to curing the hangover. Mmm…bones.
  2. Namibia: Had yourself a wild night in the jungle? Try Buffalo Milk. Don’t fret though, there’s actually no buffalo milk in it. What it is is a concoction of clotted cream from cows, dark rum, spiced rum, cream liqueur and whole cream. Some say that drinking buffalo milk is how you get hungover in the first place but its supporters say the sugar crash helps with the bad morning feels.
  3. Japan: Japan is renowned for its intricate food, drink and drunken salary men culture. When you’ve had too much sake, take to the umeboshi, a heavily pickled, dried ume which is like a plum or apricot. It’s so pickled that you’re guaranteed to pucker from the intense sour. If anything it’ll probably help you throw up.

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