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8 Hacks To Help You Use Your iPhone More Efficiently

How much time do you spend swiping, tapping, zooming and stalking on your iPhone every day? With our heads more often than not bowed over bright screens, it’s amazing that we aren’t using our devices to their full ability.

Here are 8 ways to save you time and make the close relationship you share with you iPhone that little bit easier, via SMH.

#1 Manage Your Battery


If you’ve got iOS 9, there are a couple of ways you can avoid the eternal struggle of low battery when you need it the most. Manually setting your phone to ‘Low Power Mode’ will disable some features such as automatic downloads and mail fetch to ensure your device isn’t chewing up battery unnecessarily.

From switching to Low Power Mode, a Wired test estimated a 14-hour battery life would extend to 20 hours. Not bad when you’re hungover, stranded and in dire need of an Uber. You can also open the ‘Battery’ menu to find out which apps are sucking your iPhone of its juice.

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#2 Hide Personal Photos


It’s a soul-destroying and awkward moment when you go to show someone a picture on your phone and they swipe a few too far to reveal a questionable image reserved for your eyes only. Avoid this cringe-worthy interaction by selecting those images, hitting the share icon and choosing ‘Hide’. It will remove them from the main part of your photos app (Moments, Collections and Years) and keep them only in Albums.

#3 Take Advantage Of Siri


Yes, she’s rather annoying, but why not take advantage of the voice without a face for all she’s worth? With iOS 9 you can set reminders through Siri based on what you have open on your phone already. If you’re reading a novel and want to refer back to a certain phrase or bit of text, you can call on Siri and say ‘Remind me about this later’, prompting her to add a reminder to your list. You can make the reminder location-specific or tell Siri to remind you ‘when I get home.’

#4 Use The Search Bar To Be Quicker


The humble search bar, located when you slide your finger down from any point on the home screen, is an often forgotten feature of your iPhone, but did you know that you can search any app to access it quicker instead of trawling through menus and pages?

#5 Navigate More Efficiently


Forget about closing and opening apps to switch between them. iOS 9 has a nifty new feature that appears as small text in the left-hand corner that will take you back to your previous app when tapped.

#6 Quick Replying


Quit trying to unlock your phone to reply to texts. Now you can swipe down or across on a message alert, even when your phone is locked, to quickly reply. By swiping and tapping ‘reply’ you’re taken straight into the message within its app.

#7 Sign Documents


Put that pen down. You don’t need to email, print, sign and scan again. Through iPhone’s Mail app you can set a stored signature image that can be moved or resized depending on the document.

#8 Custom Keyboard Shortcuts


Texting takes time, particularly during a fight or when explaining how to use an iPhone to your parents via text. Save time by heading into the Keyboards menu and finding ‘Text Replacements’. If you’ve got an interesting or long last name or address, you can create a prompt so that when you type a few letters your iPhone will automatically fill in the rest.

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